Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exynos Octa VS Snapdragon 800 VS Tegra 4 GPU's

The batte of the soc's, there are three prominent players right now, exynos octa, the Snapdragon 800, and Tegra 4.  Let the battle begin!


 The first thing we are going to go through is GPU historically Tegra has been the strongest play in this field, because they have an alliance with game developers.  They are also very good a physically producing a really good GPU,  Tegra 2 can still play most games on the market, and that was from nearly two years ago.  Tegra two had eight GPU's within its self, Tegra three steps that number up to 12, and Tegra four has 72, yes you heard it right 72.  The cores from Tegra 3 and 4 were both clocked at about 500 mhz for each core. So it theoretically could offer 6 times Tegra 3's graphics.   Let's put that into Xbox 360 terms, it has a three core clocked at about 500 mhz. Tegra Four will be equivalent to the Xbox 360 in terms of GPU, because Xbox can use as much power as it wants and get as hot as it wants, here is where mobile GPU's are limited.
Lets move onto the GPU of the Snapdragon 800.  Snapdragon's GPU have normally been pretty terrible.  They have begun to turn it around though, in their s4 pro they had the Adreno 320.  This was the first time snapdragon really had a good GPU.  It was really good offering near twice the performance of Tegra 3. The Snapdragon 800 offers 100% greater performance than the s4 pro.  So it will be 4 times better than Tegra 3.
    Samsung has always offered an ok GPU.  It really has nothing special to it, it looks similar to the galaxy s'3 GPU, which really was just ok.  The Octa starts to get worse though it offer only slightly better graphics, than the Ipad 3,  so I am not impressed with their GPU.

All of these chips can handle 4k except the Octa.
So the Ranking goes as

1.  Tegra 4
2. Snapdragon 800
3. Exynos Octa

It is a close race in which Tegra barely squeezed out a victory over snapdragon 800.  The Octa was left in the dust by all.


Time for the all important cpu.  

Again lets begin with Tegra 4.  Tegra has historically been like Samsung with their CPU, pretty much just enough to get buy.  In the Tegra 4 it is a quad core CPU clocked at 1.9 GHZ.  So that bring is up to speed with the snapdragon 600, this is the processor right below the snapdragon 800.  

The Snapdragon 800 has followed Snapdragon's long tradition of providing the best CPU around for mobile devices.  This packs a 2.3 GHZ quad core processor, on krait 400.  It will also offer many features like 4k recording, and always on voice commands.  

The octa will pack a fairly decent CPU, some say it will be clocked at 1.9 GHZ while others say 1.6 GHZ.  It is eight core, but only half of the cores can be run at once, four of the cores will offer battery saving capabilities while the other four will be used for the heavy lifting.

1. Snapdragon 800
2. Tie Tegra 4 and Octa.

I believe that snapdragon 800 will blow everything out of the water with its CPU and impressive feature.  I think the Octa will be slower than Tegra 4, but it's battery saving cores boost it up a tie.

Overall the results are:
1. Snapdragon 800 
2.Tegra 4

Snapdragon won because it's big leap in CPU performance over the others, and it had a GPU almost as good a the Tegra 4.

In conclusion you can't go wrong with the Snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4, likely however the Octa is not very future proof and will struggle to play high end games with in a year.
Keep checking in for updates to this section and the blog.


Tegra 4i, will offer integrated Lte, a15 quadcore 1.9 ghz cpu, and a 60 core gpu.  With all these specs it will offer a great option fo mid to high end phone, it is nearly on par with octa.


  1. And your assuming its only about clock speed. The krait 400 is not as powerful as the a15 and the number of cores doesn't matter because what passes for a core differs based on the manufacture. Lastly out of these only the snapdragon adreno GPU has open gl 3.0 support so when the next version of android pops up with that support those other chips won't be able to take advantage of it. A better ranking would be 1) snapdragon (for the opengl 3.0) 2) exynos( for the power management) and 3) tegra

  2. I do agree that krait 400 is probably not as fast as a15 because it is based on a modified version of a7 , but by now it is so modified that it is just a tiny bit slower and faster than a normal a7 by a lot. I have to argue that the number of cores do matter. What passes for a core is nearly the same between all manufactures except for the power saving cores, but I did not count those. Opengl 3.0 will support better graphics. I had forgot about this while writing. So I would say that the GPU's are about equal. Thanks for your thoughts.