Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy s4 : Best Software, Few Things New in Hardware

      The Galaxy s4 possibly the most hyped phone ever, besides the predictable iphone.  Does it support all the hype?  Ok, lets begin,  the galaxy s4 has some pretty awesome software features, like smart scrolling, ( this as you move you eyes down the screen, it scrolls text for you) air view( basically you hover your finger barely off the screen it offers the menus of what is there) smart pause(if you play a video and you look away it pauses it)  All of these combine to create an amazing software experience, and all these are on top of the amazing galaxy s3's features.
The hardware has nothing that is really new, it has a 13 megapixel camera(this is not new it is already in the LG Optimus G)  A five inch super AMOLED hd screen, this is my favorite hardware part of the phone.  It has a higher ppi than the iphone, 441 compared to 416.  The octa Samsung's new soc is technically an 8 core chip.  This is kinda a trick though because you can only use it with 4 cores at a time, and only four of the cores are the really good a15's the others are a7's and are only a power saving core.  The snapdragon 800 or the Tegra 4 will go much faster, but for now until those are released, samsung has made the right choice.  In this I might have come of like I'm not exited for this, but truthfully I am, and it will be the best phone for a while.  Plus you could show off how much better your screen, and micro sd card slot is to your IPhone friends.  Keep checking in to get updates.  What do you think of the s4?

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