Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Most Useless Android Handheld A.K.A Project Shield

Riptide GP 2 on shield

So, if your here your have probably heard about project shield.  It is a gaming portable made by Nvidia.  It is the first device to have the amazing Tegra 4 chip.  For more on Tegra for click on the link in purple.  So anyway Tegra 4 can handle 4k video, offer console quality graphics, and is amazingly fast.  Project shield which was announced at the same time as Tegra 4, and they said it would be the first Tegra 4 device.  It is pretty feature packed, it can access steam, play games from your high-end Nvidia gaming pc. It also runs on Android. So, my final thoughts turn to why they made it?

Ps vita game
So, what is the point of it.  If you have an Android phone like 70% of American, then why don't you use that for your gaming.  You can buy a high quality controller for about $50.  The controller + a high-end phone = The shield, so it is stupid to buy it if you already have an Android Phone.  So, what about if you don't have an Android phone.  It would be much worse than a ps vita.  The ps vita is an actual handheld, so it will have much better games.  It also has similar graphics.  The final reason you might get this is to stream your games from your computer.  Oh, wait you can already do that through Kainy on Android.  So why would you buy this, did I mention it will probably be in the $350 range while the PS Vita is $250. Controller are only around $50, so why would you buy this?  If you have an Idea why you would buy this leave it in the comments.

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