Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wikipad : Near Perfect Gaming Tablet

The current wikipad
This is the Wikipad, it looks pretty cool right.  It is one of my favorite Android tablet ever.  That might actually be pretty bias however because I love gaming and this is the only thing that it is meant to do.  You actually have a pretty nice Android tablet.  It is slightly faster than the Nexus 7 at 1.4 GHZ.  Which is .1 GHZ faster than the Nexus 7, and it has the same amount of ram.  Which is 1 GB of it.  So you get an awesome Android tablet.  Right now it is second best gaming SOC, behind the s4 pro.  That will all change within about 2 months when the come out along with the snapdragon 600 and the Octa.

10 inch Wikipad
This device was first announced and showed off at ces two year ago.  It was a 7 inch tablet and looked a lot like what it looked like today except it included a glasses free 3d.  Then they decided to throw out 3d and replace the 7 inch with a 10 inch and it cost $500. Days before launch Wikipad decided they didn't like this and canceled launch.  We didn't hear from them for a few months, then recently we got news that they would be relaunching "soon" with a 7 inch version instead.  So basically WIkipad is pretty much not trustworthy.  When the 10 inch was supposed to be launched the specs were amazing, now there just ok.  We'll see when it is actually launched.  Do to Wikipads track record it could be never.  The current Version is $250, so for only $50 more you get a really nice controller.

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