Friday, March 22, 2013

Motorola X phone : Why Are We Exited?

This a phone everyone is starting to get exited about, it is the Motorola X phone.  Lets go through the specs, wait there are no specs. I think the reason people are getting exited even though there are a lack of specs, is it will be the first Android phone made by Google.  You may have heard that Google acquired Motorola a while back, but has been hesitant to do anything with it until now.  There are plenty of rumors, so lets begin with those.  It is rumored to be released around June, that I find extremely likely because it will probably be unveiled at google I/O the May.  It will also be a non-nexus phone, I find that surprising because google could
increase profits if they turned it into a nexus because that is their own brand.  It will probably get the first google update because Google owns Motorola.  It might actually be a customizable. I would hate to see that because that means it would be hard to review and decide because there would be so many different kinds.  The phone will have an extended battery, and a tough battery shell.  It will have a five inch screen and a ten megapixel camera, these all make perfect sense because many manufactures are lowering the pixels and increasing definition.  It could be 200 bucks off contract, thats a mighty nice price.  I hope it will use a Tegra 4 or snapdragon 800 here is my comparison of these two processors.  So with no specs and weak rumors, why are people getting so exited.  Maybe it is because it's Googles first Android OS and Google made.  Why are you so exited?  Stay tuned I will update it when new news appears.

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