Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Headflat : The Most Ridiculous Android Accessorie.

I was doing my normal look over kickstarter, and I saw this.  My first impression was are you serious, I'm supposed to wear this stupid thing on my head.  I would be extraordinarily embarrassed to wear this thing in public.  See that thing with the Y on the end, yeah you put your phone in that and put that on your head.  Then I though, that what if I was on a long flight, because that would kind of work for that.  Looking down at the little table for that long would kind of hurt your neck.  Then you come to the problem of caring this around, it does not compact and it is about 2 feet long.  So if you have limited space in your carry-on, you can't use it on a plane.  So are you going to ride a bus with this on your head, no you would look stupid.

The only interesting thing about this is the controller.  It looks really nice, it look a lot like an Xbox controller.  With really nice joy sticks(that was my biggest gripe about the Moga) They say the controller work's with Iphone or Android.  At $50 for everything, you could buy it and just use the controller.

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