Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moga Review : The Best Controller, But Not Good Enough

      The picture here is of the Moga controller for Android.  It is actually pretty a pretty nice little unit.  Folded up it is smaller than a Samsung Galaxy s3, so it fits in your pocket pretty nicely.  It uses bluetooth and connects to every Android phone over Android 2.3 which represents nearly 80% of all Android devices.  The unit feels pretty solid my hands rarely feel cramped and I have fairly large hands, however my middle finger was having trouble finding a really comfortable place.   My favorite part is that your phone clips into the controller and it feels pretty balanced.
  The worst thing about this controller are the joy sticks, these are very small and the sticks can only move about 1/4 of an inch before you hit the edges.  This makes them incredibly sensitive.  with this it is really all or nothing, making it incredibly frustrating with game like Dead Trigger where you just skip over shooting a zombie.  Unlike an Xbox controller where you have around a half inch so you can do a little stick and have your aim barley moves.  Overall I recommend this controller as the best Android controller their is because it clips in, is easily pocketable, and I got mine for under $30 on sale at Amazon.  However, I think you guys should wait until the full sized Moga pro controller comes out to avoid zombie frustations.

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