Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Note 3 to be 6.3 inches?

A possible prototype of the note 3
Samsungs Gamepad
  The next note may feature a whopping 6.3 inch screen.  Rumors have been floating around for this size screen for a while now.  Others say it could be 5.8 inch screen, Samsung appears to be making a gamepad that will fit a 6.3 inch screen.   There are no phone that big, and the smallest tablets are around 7 inches. So this makes you think what it could be for,  it seems like it would be for the next note.  I believe that 6.3 inches is way to big however, how would you fit that in you pocket? That it nearly the size of a full sized tablet?  Who would buy this 5.5 inches is big enough for a smart phone in my opinion.  Do you thing a 6.3 inch screen is to big?

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