Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ouya : Out-dated before released

   This is my first article on High End Android.  So the picture here is of an upcoming console called Ouya.  It is an Android based console that is set to come out to early backers in April (the backers were from Kickstarter) The new console was funded back in August of 2012, back then I was actually pretty exited about it.  My thoughts of it have changed however,  for one reason only it is outdated.  It runs on the Tegra 3 soc, that was ok in mid 2012. Today however, we expect more from a phone let alone a game console. My phone has a snapdragon s4 pro and it is nearly twice as fast, and a much better GPU.  The Tegra 4 is also just around the corner and will blow everything out of the water.
 I plugged my phone into the TV with The Dark Knight Rises and it is almost on par with the Xbox 360.  The Xbox 360 is already out-dated and the Oya has worse graphics than that.  I believe the graphics on this are about those of a gamecube or ps2.  Sadly, my favorite part of the console is the controller, come on, it looks pretty sick.  Its not a bad price either at only $100 bucks.  If you already have an android phone and get and MHL or mini HDMI cord and connect it to your TV.  If you don't have an Android phone or have an older android phone, and don't care about graphics, buy a ps2 and you can get most games for under $10 bucks.

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